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Related article: Date: Monday, June 19, 2006 September 56th 51 -0700 From: Corey Anton u003ccoreyzin hotmail. com u003e Subject : Broken at the Spa I parked my car in the guest area and ran to the field building, located a few miles from the canyon road. The whole area was very nicely decorated and the entrance was a real class act. I had a job as a personal trainer Michael, the owner offered me This exclusive spa for men and training center. Preteen Models Photos Today was my home day, Preteen Models Photos the day Michael was put on myself and explain my duties. I here twice before and was so impressed with the quality and caliber of instead. Michael was one of the clients of the French restaurant where I was waiting tables. There were half a dozen times and I always asked my table n after he first served. The last time I open this new world for me. " Corey, you're doing really well. You have to work very regularly to keep this type of muscle tone," he said.. " Of course not, he replied: ".. .. Every morning, even in the Gold Gym.. keeps me in shape, both for work and my personal preference. " It was then told me about his treatment and asked if I would be interested in in the appointment of a new opening for a personal trainer. I gasped for for two reasons.. In first, it sounded like a dream job, and secondly, this guy was s so hot and his eyes told me that there are more work, and I wanted to share at the table. his eyes were on closed my recent n repeatedly and I could only feel my juices stirring "when he looked at me that way. " " Corey, Great to see, to you, "said Michael, when I told entgegenkam enter the gym. There were only a few men of the a weights, and spent the next hour or so of the routine , as I drove through several series of training sessions. more I was surprised at the exit to the big bulge in his pants and s smiled. a machine has jumped to the spread of the legs and all, but his cock whihim before I was and saw him flex all oscillation. When we finished we were both trying to work up a sweat and I to keep my thoughts on the labor market, not the tail. We went to the locker room quickly undressed and Michael was standing there with his flesh hanging halfway to his knees, half-hard and therefore, the pills so much. I removed and my own cock in my pants and semi arose n but precum dripping. I thought we were at the head of the shower, but stopped near some lawn chairs.. " Corey, that from here and let me see," said the n that is turned to me. I was obedient to him and let him work his So little by little through my all muscle groups, stretching and testing, and time gently massaging various areas of my body. It was not long before before our two roosters were very hard. " Wow, look what I 've done my tail. " Chuckled and I was one of several small steam. He approached the bench sat thereon the edge, with his tail was straight. "I know I want to suck," he said. "I knew from there that the first n in the restaurant which had a difficult first class back in this. So Come and start sucking," he said. It took me a second invitation and knelt on the lower bench prior to the legs and fell on what a beautiful 10 inch from the tap. " Oooh, yes," moaned as I worked more and more in my the mouth. He grabbed my head with both hands and began to face fuck me, impaling me on his staff. His cock was only half way and I came to began to choke. Michael hugged me and kicked him in the pocket. " Relax, breathe, and relax now," he said as he held me in its strong support.. There for just over a minute.. suddenly my throat muscles and the cock slid into the handle, his balls hit her chin.. Then he began to stroke my big head and as humps on me. It had everything I could do was hold myHands grab her ass not to fall in the bank. Michael began to take deep shots, and I felt his penis always thick, his breathing shallow and I knew he was about to explode s in me...... Suddenly, he arched his back and lifted all but me in the n and let the rush of air spasm after intense fire huge fight in the throat, is so low that very little oozing of mouth.... He got his cock still hard most of the way... Then it was filled, n spill my chin and his balls. However, he kept me connected in the queue. " keep sucking my little bastard. They have a long way, so go morning, before the end. " That's when I realized that s two other men in the dense fog of steam and were seen. One came up behind me and poured several cups of heating -body oiling oil remained there for the open pores.... The man started, give you a back massage and ass... He could not concentrate at the tapand my mouth was against the attack of my maneuver ass without protection.... SLAP! I jumped in the air as he laid his hand on my ass. Slap... Return N SLAP! Dear God, it hurt, and I tried to n of this cock and away from the pain, but Michael took me to the back of my head. " Do not move, bitch, and let the man enjoy your.. " shouted in my ear. Slap ! Another attack, and the oil and then suddenly more and the pain passed, as he dug two fingers into my ass and I began to edge.... Michael suddenly began serious face again and then to hell real headache s was the man in the back with his finger replaced with the size of your penis horse. No foreplay with this type. He closed his cock deep into me and his balls slapping against my ass and my ass raped, beaten and growl and beat my ass and thighs, as I sat with Michael each thrust of the animals........ and then he began to moan and arch, and cumm jet blast burns deep within me, as boilingOil. his cramps soon slows down and eventually moved, like Michael downloaded another set of photos in my mouth... He went out and left the last shot hit me in the face.... I slipped off the bench in the ground, picked up and used, I can not move. Michael got up and left me. " You can have it now," he said, adding n to the two men. No "break in well for me. " She went through the swirling steam and closed the door behind him. I looked at the number two stood over me with another thick Hahn knew I wanted to hurt me. This guy had 10 s to 6 feet feet aked and was 90% muscle.. The other man poured more oil on me, and that my whole body was shining. Big Guy made ​​me physically and threw me face down on the lower bank, and then grabbed my hips and my ​​ass lifted the tail and without much effort, he escaped, massaging my hot so I started to penetrate me cum. He turned from me and sat with me mounted on the tail. " Ted, cock sucking pussy for me, "said Tom, n, the first man, left his mouth on my dick and some began to stop sucking, work time with the Big Guy is my ass.... I was in the border and quickly swallowed him screaming in the major version and Tom cumm.. every shot was drooling at the mouth and ripped off the head of my s brought his mouth to me and handed me a large part of my own juice. Then his cock in my mouth and his hands grabbed my head and somehow great guy and Tom sat on the bench, and I was in the n air, halfway between my hands on the bench and Tom my ass bastard monster kept me on my inner thigh, meat hit the deep n ass full of swollen and cumm. the force of his blows, and the steam is intense and makes me dizzy n I think it was for a while. do not know what happened Tom and his tail, but my face and I cumm on deck small of my back, my legs in the air and stillIng ass fucked This enormous thrust his cock all the way down with each stroke.. strange noise out of my mouth with every hit on me, and accelerated pace, moaning as he began a deep rumble hose Preteen Models Photos bursts of fire shooting cumm inside me. Soon ceased to shake his I knew I was over at last. He went and stood over me, peel the strings last cumm on my chest. I stood there, panting, until I had collected and kneeling on the the bank. Tom began working more oil in the ass and started ass fuck me with several fingers, spilling all cumm oozing around my ass s thighs. Slap ! Slap ! Slap ! He started caressing my ass and the n in the labor work within me. Slap ! Slap ! The pain was killing me as s, he worked four fingers in the ass and let him continue working. Shit, he'll try and grip, I am horrified. I fist never in my life. Then, suddenly, with a cry of pain from my lips, slid to hisThumbs , and I was impaled on his arm, fist all the way in. I kept dark, while flexing his hand deep inside me and began to pushing me. Finally I made it all the way down and saw a in the bank and watched my big ass fucking Tom. I was silent, and I was doing was still, until they finally ended their own shit private and she took me to a sitting position, legs passing through the side, feet on the ground. Tom brought his soft cock in my mouth. ".. Open your mouth, cunt, whore Take my cock in.. I have to pee," I began to struggle away from the final break, but Tom beat me on the side of my head n y shouted : "Open, my dick bitch and raise in his face and not lose a drop or I beat the shit out of you. " I opened my mouth and in the soft penis, holding it there, as it is with urine and hardened suddenly hot shot saltly fire, burning in the mouth and throat n been so sore from time sucking cock. I stopped andneed to succeed in a liter of yellow liquid. "Suck It Dry. " I did what you said, and eventually moved away and that went out the door. I lay on the bench and fell asleep, my whole body hurts, the ass of my s was still so stunned by the Fist could not sorry. I do not think that know how long I slept, but it was Michael, who was awakened by a cooling massage lotion and stroking my body with soft hands. His hands were smoothing the ass and added a big bunch of fresh things in my ass and I complained when burned. Michael put me in my back and gently inserted his cock in my ass and said slowly and gently fell around the handle and held it there. ` I'm sorry that was in this way, I'm breaking Corey " sang, " these two are my most demanding customers, but now I belong to and Spa all the way. That will serve my clients in all that wants.... rarely, as usual, but as they want. they want and that all aspects. Some want ass fuck them, others assfuck want.... But now, I will give and receive, as a champion. " " has no problem with that? " I shook my head. There was nothing give up on the left, took it all... I wanted that cock inside me. I wanted to part of this man, now I knew that I loved, and I began to Preteen Models Photos swing on his dick n Even in silence, let him know I wanted to give everything. shook slowly and remains close, he began Preteen Models Photos to get the n the edge. he turned to us that on his back and I was sitting in the cock of her s. " show me what you can do, Corey, shows me how bad I want", which is necessary I do not listen, and I began to throb and by him, frantically shouting, " Fuckmeee, give me your hot juice..... "Tears streamed down my face... After the explosions was of me and I cumm crashed at all times, with each lava rip her to that was finally smooth. I fell on my chest, exhausted like never before before, sobbing, apparently of an hour. Michael had mand from the steam and keeps me clean while I showered. Then I fell asleep again and moved to a living room couch in his office for a while, I learned that I would get $ 150 per day and to all my advice and would be 10 to 20 customers a week..... Michael gave me $ 500 for my two friends. Oddly enough, I was happy and content to be owned by someone, such as Michael... I knew I belonged here forever. Please write me at hotmail coreyzin. com
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